The Boaters Christian Fellowship is a group of Christians who appreciate the inland waterways.  BCF strvies to ensure a Christian presnece at as many waterways event as practicable, and non-members are welcome to join us at events and onthe water. 


BCF was formed in 1995 and now has several hundred members, they currently have nearly 600 members with about 250 boats.


Owning a boat is not a condition of membership.  BCF have members who hire, some who live near a canal, some who crew on other members' boats, and some who live abroad.


BCF are from all denominations and only ask that members support their aims, new members are joining regularly.  BCF, a registered charity, are members of IWA (Inland Waterways Associaton) and AWCC (Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs).


St. Pauls' has been connected to BCF for several years, hosting their summer mission on two separate occasions.  A number of our congregation are active members of BCF reflecting our proximity to the local canal network.