XL - MENTORING is about engaging in authentic and intentional relationships with the local community


XLM is not a ‘service’ or an ‘outreach’, but rather a practical way to love our neighbours and engage in our communities.


The project operates in partnership with local schools and communities and focuses on those aged 10 – 18 who are having difficulties in school and could be on the verge of exclusion.


Almost every school will have at least 5 children and young people they can identify who are struggling in life with issues such as parental divorce, bereavement, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, low academic attainment, and many others.


The infrastructure they have created allows churches and organisations to build relationships with these local schools or other referral agencies, make home visits to introduce the project to the young person and their family, source and train volunteer mentors, and navigate relationships with additional support agencies.


  XL – Mentoring Tamworth has three Key aims:


· Restoring Lives

· Restoring Relationships

· Restoring Community


If you are interested in becoming a mentor or need any further information, please contact –

 Gary Coleman, Coordinator of XL-Mentoring Tamworth on: 01827 60789 or 07583 265 176 or at schoolliaison@cotongreenchurch.co.uk.